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What are the advantages of automatic welding compared with manual welding
pubdate : 2019-11-15 visits : 1734
  1. The welding speed is fast, the quality is consistent, the surface is beautiful, and there is no uneven phenomenon of solder welded by hand. Equipment welding can avoid the influence of various human factors during manual welding, such as the influence of operator's mood, physical condition, proficiency, etc. Ensure the consistency and reliability of welding.
  2. Reduce the management difficulty and product cost, and reduce the number of operators and inspectors. Now the labor cost is increasing year by year. The annual recruitment is the most headache for the boss. The automatic welding machine can greatly reduce the number of employees, greatly reduce the product cost and improve the product competitiveness.
  3. The welding reliability of series welding machine is much greater than that of manual welding. Poor welding is an important cause of premature failure of components. The design life of solar photovoltaic modules is 25 years, and the modules are usually installed outdoors, which have to bear the temperature change of about 30 ℃ every day, and the change of seasonal replacement temperature is even greater. As the base material of the welding strip is pure copper, the expansion coefficient of copper is about 6 times of that of silicon (battery piece). This difference means that as long as the temperature changes, the welding position between the welding strip and battery piece will be stressed. As a result, poor welding will lead to the reduction of component power and even failure. There are many reasons for bad welding caused by manual welding. For example: personnel proficiency, temperature of electric soldering iron, coating of flux, temperature of welding platform, etc.